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the Artist


Eva is a contemporary West Coast painter. She received her BFA from the University of Manitoba and studied Communication Design at Parsons School of Design in New York. Born and raised in the interior of British Columbia, she pursued a career in graphic design.


If asked, I’d say I work like a magpie; picking up rusted metal, feathers, rocks, scraps of interesting paper and fabric, etc. —that I translate into my paintings. 

After raising three daughters with her husband and moving to cities such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Seattle, and Strasbourg, France, Eva returned to making paintings. It was at a gallery in Banff, Alberta, where she first saw a painting using wax, then at a number of galleries in Europe where they were labeled as mixed media. Intrigued, she did some research on the internet and found some workshops in the US. Since then she has taken part in a number of shows on the North Shore, Vancouver, and Salt Spring Island.

You can find Eva in her garden studio in West Vancouver most days working on panels large and small; after she has gone on a hike or snowshoe on the North Shore Mountains. Her windows look out on the Strait of Georgia (Salish Sea) and Gulf Islands where freighters, seaplanes, and flocks of crows are seen on their daily commute.

Artist Statement

The art I am making now is pushing self-imposed boundaries and the criteria of what makes a successful painting.

Using brushes, forks, scrapers, and sanders to manipulate paint and collage, my results are abstract portrayals of familiar landscapes. I reduce my paintings to symbols to emphasize emotions (most often with a sense of humour).

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